Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tips on Updating your Old Jeans

Posted by Tara and Devin

Hey guys! For today's fashion post we are collaborating with our good friend Kelley who has just started a new, fabulous fashion blog called So Posh Girl. We adore Kelley and her fashion sense is always on point. So when we recently purchased some slightly out-dated jeans from Goodwill, we turned to Kelley to work her magic and make them stylish and current! She did an AMAZING job with them and is sharing her tips with us today so you can do the same with your old jeans. (Don't toss them out yet!) Without further ado, here's Kelley!

Hello, I’m Kelley, creator of, a site where I share my best shopping secrets as well as inspirational looks.  I am so excited to share with you one thing I have been doing for almost 2 decades now- denim distressing!  I put together an easy step-by-step guide that with the right tools anyone should be able to follow.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

1.) Jeans
2.) Scissors
3.) Tweezers
4.) Bleach
5.) Gloves
6.) A scrubber
7.) A bucket (not shown)

Step 1: Determine where your knees hit in the jeans.

The key to having believable distressing is making the holes all appear where holes would normally appear in an old pair of jeans, which is usually right around the knees from bending and higher on the thighs from rubbing.  I like to start right above where the knees would fall.

Step 2: Get ready to cut!

Using your fingers, pinch the fabric in a vertical manner, like this:

Now, snip 2 horizontal snips roughly an inch apart.

Using your tweezers you will want to start pulling away all the blue threading that runs vertically through this section. It will be tricky to loosen up the first few threads, but the more you remove the easier it will be and soon enough they will come out 5,10 at a time.

Now your jeans should look like this!

Repeat this anywhere you feel the jeans would have natural wear and tear.

Step 3: Cut some more!

I like to cut slits where the knees hit and smaller holes where there would be rubbing on the thighs. Also, now’s your time to change up the length. Would you like capri’s, shorts, or daisy dukes? Word of advice, however short you want you jeans, add at least 1 inch.  You will lose quite a bit with the fraying in the wash.

Step 4: Bleach (optional)

You do NOT want to apply the bleach directly to the jeans. This will result in looking like you just spilled a chemical all down your pants. First wet the pants with water where you intend on fading the jeans.  I also used pieces of cardboard as a protectant against the bleach seeping onto the backs of the jeans.

After you’ve wet your pants (Get it? hee hee), carefully pour, or spray, bleach where you want them to look faded and then start scrubbing with your scrubber.  The faster you scrub the better.  This will help the bleach look more naturally blended.

For Devin’s jeans I chose to bleach just the thighs. Tara’s jeans took the bleach REALLY well, it was almost impossible to make the fading look natural with the dark contrasting denim so that’s when I decided to just go for it and bleach the whole thing!

I used about 1 part bleach to 2 parts water. And again, you want to first wet the jeans before dipping them in the bleach water.   I left the top out for some of the bleaching because I wanted to give the jeans the look of a gradual fade.  Keep checking on the jeans, and remember, denim is darker when wet!

Step 5: Final step- throw them in the wash!

Whether you skipped the bleach step or not, this is an important step to give the fresh cut pieces fraying. And look how awesome they turned out?!

Tara's Jeans

Devin's Jeans

Thanks so much for allowing me to share something I love to do with all of you and be sure to follow me on Instagram @so_posh_girl.

Xoxo, Kelley

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At September 2, 2015 at 7:59 PM , Blogger Kristen Miles said...

Question, how does the bleach affect the spandex in the jeans? Most have some sort of spandex/ cotton combo and I think the chemicals break down the structure.... am I wrong? I'd be afraid they'd go saggy in the bum or around the waist if all the spandex were gone...

These look amazing, you guys did great!


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