Monday, September 28, 2015

Painted Yellow Cuckoo Clock

Posted by Devin

When I was a little girl I can remember my paternal grandmother frequently pulling the chains and re-setting their cuckoo clock in the living room. I always loved to hear it tick-tocking with the occasional "cuckoo-cuckoo" sounding throughout the house. When I was searching for decorative items to put into my office, I came across this adorable cuckoo clock and nostalgia set in. I knew I had to have it. I purchased it from EJ's Auction & Consignment as part of a "Bid on a Budget" contest to decorate my office that I am participating in (the final office reveal is coming this Saturday, eek!), and it was not an easy win. There was another woman who had her eye on this piece and the bidding got pretty fierce between her and I. I maxed out my budget but I won the clock! Woohoo! Here's a look at what the clock looked like when I purchased it:

I loved the design of the clock, especially the deer head on top and the rabbit and bird details on the side. This is called a traditional hunting motif for cuckoo clocks. The wood color is of course the traditional way you see most cuckoo clocks as well, but I wanted to add a fun twist to my clock and paint it a bright and interesting color. To match the rest of my office I decided on Sun Yellow spray paint by Krylon for the clock. Here's the process I used to paint my clock!

Step 1: Tape up the clock face with painter's tape. Also, remove the pinecone weights, open the clock from the back, and pull the chains inside the housing. Then tape up the chain ends to prevent them from being painted.

Step 2: Detach any extra pieces such as the leaf ticker, the decorative top, and the horn from the clock to prepare it all to be painted. I sprayed everything first with a coat of white spray paint as a base coat. This allowed the yellow color to be brighter and truer once I applied it.

Step 3: Once the white coat has dried, apply your first coat of your final spray paint color. I ended up applying about 3 coats of the yellow to get a solid, even look to the clock. Make sure you spray at every angle to prevent missing areas.

Once the clock is dry, you are ready to re-attach all of your pieces and hang your clock on the wall! I LOVE the look of the painted cuckoo clock. So much more fun than the traditional wood tone, in my opinion. I kind of wish I could buy a whole bunch of cuckoos and have a whole wall of different colored clocks! Wouldn't that be awesome?!! In the meantime, I will enjoy my lone yellow clock in my office. ;)

Stay tuned to see the final office makeover in all it's glory! Thanks for stopping by!

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