Monday, August 10, 2015

"Bid on a Budget" Lifestyle Blogger Contest

Posted by Devin

I have some super exciting news. I am one of three West Valley Moms Blog contributors who have been asked to participate in a "Bid on a Budget" contest with EJ's Auction & Consignment! We have each been given a $500 budget to purchase items at the auction which will then be used to redecorate and recreate a space in our homes. Anything that is sold at the auction is up for grabs, from furniture and artwork to dishes and small appliances, there are so many fun pieces to choose from! Once we have purchased our items, we will have four weeks to decorate our spaces and then you will all get to vote on your favorite make-over (which will be mine, of course, right?)! The winner receives a $500 cash prize and a $100 store credit at EJ's to use for a giveaway on our blog. See, I told you you wanted to vote for me! ;)

I have four Saturdays to attend the auction and find the pieces for my space and I had my first bidding day last weekend. You guys, it was SO. MUCH. FUN. Jake and our four boys came with me and as you can see by the photo above, emotions were running high, lol! The boys were so excited when the items I wanted came up for bid and were hanging on the edge of their seats to see if I won! Thankfully, I did win most of the items I was hoping for and am excited to go back next week to pick up some more great stuff! Here is a shot of the auction display for a vintage baker's rack I snagged! As you can see, the bidding was just getting started on this item when Jake took the pic. It was the first piece I won and I was stoked!

Before last weekend, I had never been to an auction before. There were three rings going at once, I had multiple items I was wanting up for grabs within minutes of each other, the atmosphere was so exciting and fun and crazy, and it was really cool when I won my pieces! I am so excited to have this opportunity to learn more about auctions and bidding through EJ's. I now know what a great option this is for household items, furniture, and cool, vintage decor for my home at a fraction of retail costs.
So you may be asking yourself what space in my home I am planning on redecorating... If you frequent our blog very often you may remember my Home Office Inspiration & Before Pics post from a few months ago. Yep, I am re-doing my office! Here is a quick "before" pic to refresh your memory.
I already have so many great pieces and exciting ideas lined up with the items I am finding at EJ's and can't wait to move forward. Stay tuned for more information about the contest and sneak peeks as I redecorate my space! :)

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