Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Back to School Ruler Art

Posted Tara

There is something I just love about wooden rulers. They can be used for so many different projects, but I have to say this one is my favorite! This craft is super easy and low cost and will make a great back to school piece in your home or as a gift for your child's teacher. 

Here is what you will need:
9 Wooden Rulers ($0.25 at Walmart)
Large Mailing Label (8x11" sheets)
Red paint
Paint Brush
Large Popsicle Sticks

First you want to lay your rulers out and lay them face down. Tip: use a book to make sure the edges of the rulers are straight. Once they are straight, use your popsicle sticks to support the back.

Glue your popsicle sticks across the back of your rulers with your hot glue gun.

Next use your mailing label and print a large letter on it. You can choose your child's teacher's last name or any letter your heart desires! I chose C, for my last name Carroll, and plan on keeping this in my home this season. Cut the letter out and peel the back off and center your stencil on the rulers. Press the sticker on the rulers.

Paint away from the sticker inside the C, so the paint won't bleed underneath the sticker. I applied two quick coats and was ready to pull off the label. 

After I pulled the tape off, I felt the letter needed an outline so it wouldn't look washed out. I used a sharpie and outlined the C. Get your jute and glue in the upper corners of the back of your rulers. I added a cute yellow polka dot bow to finish it off.

I love the pop of the color the bow added!

I hope you enjoy this craft this back to school season! Make sure to follow us on Pinterest for quick pinning of our projects! 

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