Thursday, July 30, 2015

Back to School with Rack Room Shoes

Posted by Devin & Tara

School is almost here for our kiddos and they are super excited! As are we. ;) With the start of school comes lots of gearing up and shopping, including new shoes for everyone. Whether they're growing out of them or wearing holes through them, our kids go through shoes like nobody's business and are always in need of a fresh pair to start the school year. So today we are teaming up with Rack Room Shoes to show you some great shoe options that our kids picked out this year!


Connor was in need of a good pair of athletic shoes that he could wear to school daily. Something he could run and jump and do all of the ordinary day-to-day kid stuff in. Connor's a pretty no-nonsense sort of guy with a head for practicality so he chose this blue pair of Adidas athletic shoes with breathable mesh. A great choice for comfort and fun during and after school, plus they look great!


Miss Neela wanted a pair of sturdy school shoes with a girly flair. Aren't these pink Converse adorable?! We love her pick and know she will not only be able to be active in these kicks, but styling as well!


We like to refer to Kade as the little George Clooney in our troop of kiddos. He has this suave and charming air about him with a little touch of mischievousness thrown in there. And these shoes fit his personality. Cool and casual all the way.


Caden is Mr. Athletics. He's always looking for a basketball or a football and ready for a pick-up game any time. He attended basketball camp over the summer and can't wait for the winter sports season to roll around so he can play some more b-ball. So of course he wanted a new pair of basketball shoes to begin the school year. Have to start practicing now!

We love all of our kids' shoes choices and this back to school season Rack Room Shoes is raising funds for families in need through their annual Shoes That Fit Campaign. Through this campaign they provide new shoes to at-risk children for their first day of school. How awesome is that?! Rack Room Shoes makes it easy for shoppers to make a difference in their community by allowing customers to donate to Shoes That Fit at the register upon check out in-store or online at Shoes That Fit.

  • 100% of the donations will be distributed in the local area where the shoes were purchased. 
  • Local school liaisons will identify children needing new footwear in the area and supply them with new shoes. So all of the donations benefit students right in your community!
  • To amplify the impact of customer donations, Rack Room Shoes has committed to match 100% of all donations made up to $300,000.
  • Every year, children head back to school with ill-fitting or damaged shoes because they don’t have any other option. Even worse, some children aren’t able to attend school because they have no shoes at all – this program combats that issue. Over the last two years, Rack Room Shoes has donated more than $1 million to Shoes That Fit through the annual fundraiser.

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