Monday, June 1, 2015

Home Office Inspiration & Before Pics

Posted by Devin

My office in my home is... ok. I took a bunch of furniture that was handed-down to me and then added a few things to make it functional, but it's really lacking in style and not what I want it to be. It's completely open to the rest of my house so I was trying to keep it neutral in an attempt to "blend in," but unfortunately that ultimately ended up making it pretty boring as well. I've decided it's time to spruce it up!

You can see that my inspiration board above is centered around a minty blue and mustard yellow color scheme. Those are my two favorite colors right now so I am going to use the colors that make me happy! I want to not only brighten things up with color and decor, but I of course want to increase the functionality of the office as well, which seems to have broken down over the past number of years. I think most spaces need to be re-vamped once in awhile to meet your current needs. My office is used much differently now than it was nine years ago when we moved in. Times change and my office needs to get with the program!

Here are a few "before" photos of my office.

As you can see, I have a bit of a wood on wood on wood tone going on in here. With a little bit of gray and black thrown in the mix. So boring. It's time to brighten this space up!

I like the large, flat surface area that this desk provides along with the storage of the drawers, but other than that it is boring and plain. Can't wait to start making this piece over! Also, I have had this gallery wall up for a long time. I think it needs spruced up as well. We recently switched over from a desktop to a laptop and have yet to get rid of the desktop computer tower and screen, this large black faux leather chair is not my fave, and I need a better desktop organizer. Lots of work to do!

This little vintage couch is a piece that has to stay. It was my husband's great-grandfather's and Jake loves it. I am going to have to find a way to work it into my color scheme. The coffee table has become a magazine drop-spot and the clutter is starting to drive me crazy. This is an organizational problem I am going to have to solve and I think I want to switch the coffee table out for a new piece all together.

This children's table is also very functional and my kids use it all the time. It has to stay as well. I bought it at a yard sale years ago with the idea of painting it in some really cute design and have never done it. I think it's time!

Again, the computer tower needs to go. And I am going to be needing furniture to not only hold my printer, but also my Silhouette Cameo 2 as well now that I have one. EEP! I'm still so excited about it. I also need to deal with the mess underneath the printer and get things organized.

We are a family of six and frequently have need of a lot of seating in the office. These chairs are great for that purpose but look like they belong in a police interrogation room or something. So drab! I will either be making them over or switching them out!

This could be a lengthy process to find the pieces I want to add and complete all of the projects I want to do, but stay tuned and I will keep you updated as I go! I'm super excited to bring this area back to life!

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