Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Summer Block Party- Kid Fashion

Posted by Tara

As a mom of 5, I know that it can be difficult to dress a crew. Today I am sharing some tips on dressing kids for a Summer Block Party. You have to think "what can they run around in and still look cute and fashionable?" I always think this and sometimes get stumped because I feel like if they wear really nice clothes, there is a good chance they will destroy them!

For the boys I went with pops of color in their outfits. With it being summer, there needs to be color! I love the colored shorts and how cute they looked on our model. They both have nice casual clothes, and are still able to run around and ride a firetruck or two!

For the girl we went with a long maxi dress. The floral print on her dress gives such a summer vibe, I couldn't pass it up! I paired her dress with a cute denim jacket to go over it. With some beach waves in her hair, she was all set for the block party! 

All the of the children's clothes are from Old Navy. I first went online and searched for what I wanted. I created a style board, so I could see everyone's outfits before I went and purchased them. This helped me a ton when it came time to head to the store. It was the quickest clothing shopping I have ever gotten done. I love Old Navy just for that reason, I can get my whole families outfits from there.

These boys looked perfect with their parents at the Block Party. I hope you were able to get some tips from today's post as you head into summer and lots of block and pool parties!

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At May 16, 2015 at 3:11 AM , Blogger zerry ht said...

Super cute kids!! Look at that beautiful girl. Her smile is really heart throbbing. Well, my best friend is also making plans for an outdoor holiday party. She wants my help in arranging the perfect venue for this party. Can you please suggest some venues?


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