Thursday, April 9, 2015

5 Tips to Keep Your Carpet Looking Great Between Cleanings

Posted by Devin

We have lived in our home for 9 years this month and in that entire time we have never had our carpet professionally cleaned. Yikes! Isn't that terrible?!! Although we only have a small amount of carpet in our home, the one room that is carpeted is our family room where we spend most of our time together and where the boys do all of their wrestling and laying on the floor. Needless to say, after 9 years of abuse from our young family, it was definitely ready for a good cleaning.

I went ahead and called Zerorez to come out and bring my poor carpet back to life so I wouldn't have to cringe every time the boys had a wrestling match on it. Two of the nicest gentlemen came to my home and took care of my family room and oh my did my carpet look so much better when they were done! Why did I wait so long?! Check out the before and after below. Although the wear pattern is still visible without the furniture in place (to be expected after 9 years), the carpet is so much brighter and cleaner!

It feels so good to have a fresh and clean area for our boys to enjoy in our home again. I was so pleased with the results! Zerorez not only cleans carpet, they also clean tile, mattresses, upholstery, area rugs, and other surfaces in your home as well as offer pet odor treatments. I will definitely be having them back out again. If you're (over) due for a cleaning like I was, you can contact Zerorez at (480) 507-2419 or make an appointment online. Be sure to mention "Salt and Pepper Moms" when you call and take advantage of their deal for three carpeted areas cleaned for $139!

Although I will NOT be waiting that long again between cleanings, I really want to make sure my fresh and pretty carpet lasts for awhile. I decided to research some of the best tips for keeping my carpet looking great between cleanings and here are the tips I plan on following!

This is a rule that we really try to apply in our home. We live on two acres in the middle of the desert and boy oh boy does the dirt get tracked in on those four pairs of little boots my kiddos are always sporting. If you are not used to doing this already, it can take some training (otherwise known as nagging) to make it a habit for everyone, but it is so worth it for the sake of your floors. I love that my boys automatically whip their shoes off when they come inside! It helps to have a dedicated shoe area like a storage bench or baskets to keep things tidy. If you really want to keep your carpets looking great, wearing socks or slippers while inside will also protect your floors from the oils on your bare feet which can also be damaging.

Vacuuming regularly prevents a buildup of nasty particles which can damage the fibers of your carpet. Making vacuuming a weekly habit will definitely keep your carpet looking nicer, longer. Plus, who doesn't love to see those neat little lines in their carpet when it's freshly vacuumed?! ;) This is easy for me as I have such a small amount of carpet, but if you have a lot of carpet that needs vacuumed, all the more reason to put the effort in to protect your investment in your flooring and prolong the life of your carpet.

This should really go without saying when considering ways to keep your carpet looking great, but it is also so easy to get lax in this area. I don't know about you all, but food and beverage spills are definitely the thing that makes my carpet look dirty the fastest. I try to remain firm on this rule to keep food off the carpet, but it can get hard during the summer months when we are all crammed inside together all day long. I occasionally give the kids a break on this and let them have an "indoor picnic" in the living room, but I always make sure to put down a blanket to protect from food messes and only allow cups with lids and straws. I know it's still risky, but sometimes you've got to live on the edge. ;)

With that being said, food and beverages and who knows what else will still find their way into your carpeted rooms and spills are going to occur. When they do, take care of them quickly and do not let them sit on the carpet for an extended period of time. Depending on the type of spill, you may have to do some quick research to see how best to treat it, but it is always a good idea to take a rag and quickly blot up whatever you can before it sets in.

As we all know, baking soda can do wonders in the world of home cleaning. Carpets are no exception. To help combat odors in your carpet, you can sprinkle baking soda onto your clean carpet and then vacuum it up or simply add some to your vacuum bag before you begin. Baking soda is great at neutralizing unpleasant smells and returning your carpet to an area your kids won't mind rolling around on.

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my tips! I hope you found something that helps and good luck keeping those carpets looking great!

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