Monday, March 16, 2015

Care Kits for Mexico

Posted by Devin

Last week our little family had the opportunity to spend Spring Break enjoying the beach with friends (Tara's family included) down in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. We have a wonderful time vacationing there, we love the food and the ocean and the culture... It's always a great time! But we often find ourselves wishing we could do something for the people there who seem to make do with so little, especially the sweet children we see around town. 

So this year we decided to have a family home evening preparing care kits to give away to people we met during our trip. We started our care kits by picking up a few items from the dollar store; Ramen, candy, toothbrushes, and soap.

Then we had our boys choose some of their own personal items to donate such as clothing and toys to add to their kits.

Each member of our family had a care kit to give away to a child close to their own age (Jake and I made kits for little girls since we already had four made for boys). We were so excited to take our kits with us and surprise some children with them!

We had originally planned to give our kits away to people we met in town or on the beach, but when we arrived to our campground we were located next to some very nice people from Canada who had brought bags and bags of clothing and food with them to give away. They invited us to come with them so we followed along one morning to the very poorest area in town and brought our kits with us to give away. Here are some pics of the boys handing out their care kits.

The kids who received our kits were so excited, it was like getting a Ladmo Bag! (Only old-school, native Arizonians will know what I'm talking about, but let's just say it's a lot like Christmas morning.) We loved this experience but our Canadian friends were truly inspiring and we hope to bring more with us on our next visit. They had so many bags of clothes and toys and tons of rice and beans and candy for everyone, it was amazing!

Tara's husband, Seth, busted out their glow sticks they had brought with them and gave them to the children, making sure to explain to the kiddos how to use them.

The boys also played a quick game of frisbee and throwing the football around with the kids in the neighborhood. It was super cool.

Although we want to bring more with us next time, I still really like the idea of the personalized care kits that the boys put together to surprise the children there with. I think it really helps to instill a love of service in our kiddos, it makes it so personal when they choose items from their own closets and toy baskets, and is such a special treat for the children who receive them. We can't wait to do this again!

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