Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentines with Pear Tree Greetings

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching which means it is time to start getting the kiddos valentines ready for school parties! Valentine's Day is so much fun and the kids have a wonderful time exchanging sweet little notes and goodies with their friends. But what to send them with? Box sets from the store are ok, but lack personality and can feel a bit generic. So this year we got the cutest little Valentine's Day Cards for Kids from Pear Tree Greetings! They are the CUTEST. Here's what we picked out!

Devin's Picks

My little Chase loves all things rock n' roll and that make him feel like a, quote, "cool guy," so this "U ROCK" valentine was a great choice for him! We paired them with some packages of Pop Rocks that I picked up from the store and he is all set! In my experience, kids always love Pop Rocks. And rock candy pops would be a great treat to pair with these as well! I know he is going to love passing out these "cool" cards and fun treats to his classmates.

The baby of our family, Cash, has a current obsession with robots. I was so excited when I spotted these adorable valentines! Cash got such a kick out of them when I showed him his sweet, little face inside the robot. I love all things personalized and this is just too cute. He can't wait to give them to his fellow preschoolers! Pear Tree has lots of great options for fun Valentine's Day Photo Cards. It's super simple to personalize them by easily uploading and cropping your photos. Cash's cards were designed in a snap!

Tara's Picks

I am so excited to have Neela in school this year so I can do a CUTE Valentine's for her. PearTree has tons of choices and let me tell you... I had a hard time choosing. They are all adorable! I loved this one because I got to add a recent photo of her and it was sweet and simple!

This Valentine is for Kade's class. Kade is such a sweet boy and loves all types of animals. I thought this Valentine paired with some Swedish Fish would be a knock out for his class! He is so excited to get started on them and take them to school!

For these cute Valentines and more, be sure to check out Pear Tree! You won't be disappointed!

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