Monday, November 17, 2014

Why I Fashion Blog

Posted by Devin

Out of everything Tara and I do on our blog, sometimes I think it's the Fashion portion that people notice the most. It's not necessarily what gets the most hits on our blog, but it's what people seem to remember us for and what they want us to share when seeking our "blogging expertise", so to speak. This is funny to me as fashion was not originally included on our blog at all and was added in a non-nonchalant sort of way. But because the fashion part of our blog has received so much attention (some good and some bad), I thought I would touch on how it started and why we continue to make it a weekly addition to our blog!

Tara and I started this blog for the same reason we continue it today: to share the things we love with other women. It's our motto, it's why we do it. At the time we started we were working on a lot of fun projects, sharing yummy recipes with each other, trying to get fit one day at a time, telling each other our "mommy tales" of both success and failure, and we wanted to share all of this with everyone else too! We felt like we might be able to provide some inspiration out there to other moms and have fun creating a blog together along the way. So we decided to give it a shot! We told each other, if it got too over-whelming or if we just ended up downright hating it, we'd quit! No problemo.

So fast forward a few months and it turned out we both really enjoyed blogging! We were working with our good friend Caitlin of Caitlin Nalder Photography trying to get our blog to look the way we wanted it to when Caitlin suggested to us that we should start participating in What I Wore Wednesday that The Pleated Poppy hosted on her blog every week. We didn't even know what this was. Caitlin told us "You both dress cute already, just take a few pictures of your outfits you're wearing and put together a quick post showing what you wore. Then just link it up to The Pleated Poppy and you will get SO many hits." OK, sounded fine to us, so we gave it a try! And Caitlin was right! It brought us a lot of hits.

Although the fashion posts were boosting our stats, I had a hard time at first feeling very inspired to do them. I thought "Who cares what we are wearing? Why am I sharing this with my readers?" But then something occurred to me. I had just finished a long period of time where I was working in my church's youth organization and the other women I worked with would often tell me, "You dress cute and current and it really sets a good example to the girls to show them that you can dress trendy but modestly at the same time." Hmmm... Did these girls care what I was wearing? Well, they did occasionally ask me where I had bought this or that... I had even helped a few of them go clothing shopping before... Maybe they did care! And maybe I could make a difference by showing modest outfit inspirations on my blog! OK, now I had the motivation to fashion blog.

In a sea of fashion blogs where a large portion of what is shown is not modest, I am proud of the content Tara and I have put out in our Fashion section. I know it's just a drop in the bucket and I know it's not a super-noble, world changing thing, but it's something I can do to share my values with younger girls and women alike. Modesty and beauty go hand-in-hand in my book and I love having a platform to share this ideology with others. I enjoy striving to find affordable options for cute and modest outfits to share with those who visit our blog. I have always liked fashion and now I have a reason to focus a little more on it, yay! But there is no greater reward for me than when one of my nieces or one of the young women I have worked with comments on my fashion posts to let me know how much she likes it. Mission. Accomplished.

One more word on fashion posts. Tara and I take turns every week showing one outfit we have worn recently. I post one week, she posts the next. All in all, we each share about 2 outfits out of the approximately 30 outfits we will wear in a month. I think it's important for people to remember that we are obviously going to be showing the cream of the crop in our monthly ensembles. (Now you're going to look at our clothes and say "That's the cream of the crop?!" Lol!) We do actually wear these clothes, but not necessarily every day. We are busy moms and we try our best to look nice and presentable most of the time, but some days we never get out of our workout clothes or even, sometimes, our jammies. Ack! We are just like every other mom out there. We don't want to come across as fake or unreal, but if we are going to share clothing that will provide fashion inspiration, it's gonna have to be the nicer outfits we are wearing rather than our robes and slippers. Who's going to want to see that?! I guess I assume that people realize this, that we are putting our best foot forward on fashion inspiration posts, but I think it's good to mention again. The last thing we want to do is make anyone feel bad or like they are not adding up. We are not perfect or in a constant state of "glam." Who is?! Well, you know, besides Posh Spice. 

Thanks for listening to the ramblings of a fish-out-of-water fashion blogger. I hope you enjoy our fashion posts and possibly find some inspiration here!

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At November 17, 2014 at 1:15 PM , Blogger Darcy said...

Very interesting read! It is so true that we are only sharing our best looks on our blogs.

At November 17, 2014 at 2:20 PM , Blogger wtiger9 said...

Love the heart of this.


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