Monday, November 3, 2014

Holiday Cards with Shutterfly

Posted by Devin

Halloween is over, November is here, and that means that Christmas is right around the corner! It never fails, these last three months of the year get super busy and end up flying by so quickly. Sometimes that means I am in a scramble to get everything that I want to do for the holidays done and one of the things that often ends up at the bottom of my priority list is holiday greeting cards. But this year, that's not going to happen! Yay!

The biggest obstacle for me when it comes to getting holiday cards checked off the list is having a family photo taken. Once that's done, the rest is a piece of cake! So this year I was determined to make this happen. I quickly dressed everyone in coordinating clothing one Saturday evening, grabbed my camera and a ladder (since I don't own a tripod), dragged my crew into the backyard, and voila! The hard part was done! Well... after about 20 shots or so with me running back and forth between the camera and the fence... But no worries, because now it was time for the fun: designing and ordering my cards!

This year I used Shutterfly for all of my holiday stationary needs. Shutterfly has so many beautiful designs and fun ways to personalize your greeting cards with their Perfectly Personalâ„¢ holiday collections. I chose a card with a foil stamp that makes the gold letters shimmer. I was super impressed with the quality of the card stock, the rounded edges, and the picture quality. These cards are just beautiful! You can customize the foil color (red or gold), the card trim (rounded, bracket, scallop, or ticket), and even choose whether the card reads Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Happy New Year. Having so many options means you get to make your cards just how you like them! In addition to their holiday cards, Shutterfly also offers address labels, stickers, personalized postage, and party invitations. Check out some of the other products I ordered! 

I love the gold-themed address labels to match my cards and the cute stickers for sealing the envelopes, but the personalized postage has got to be my absolute favorite. How fun is that to have the boys' pics on the stamps?!! 

I also made some invites for our annual New Year's Eve party in the desert. Sticking with the gold-theme, I went with these super cute and festive invites. I especially loved the stars since we always celebrate under the stars! Gotta love Arizona in the winter time. :)

Christmas is my favorite time of year and I love making holiday greeting cards a part of it. It makes me feel like we are doing our part to spread cheer and lets our friends and family know that we are thinking of them and hoping that they are having a wonderful holiday season even if we can't be with them to celebrate. Plus, I think holiday cards are a great way to document our family as we all grow and change throughout the years! I'm so happy we were able to get ours done this year. And thanks to Shutterfly, I love how our cards and all of the matching accessories turned out! I can't wait to pop these babies in the mail! Happy holidays, everyone!

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At November 3, 2014 at 8:22 AM , Blogger A Bunch of Fuls said...

Love Shutterfly cards too! You are on the ball!


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