Friday, November 14, 2014

Girl's Room Inspiration

Posted by Tara

As most of you know, I only have one girl. When she was little she had her own pink room. Once she got older she didn't want to sleep by herself and has been sharing a room with her older brothers. Since we have been living in this house, I have always wanted to create a cute and fun room for her. Today I am sharing some of my inspiration for her room, and what type of things I am going to put in it. If you have a daughter, get ready to pin, because there is going to be an adorable overload below!

In this girls room I love the gold dots! I decided for my daughter's room I want gold kittens or gold hearts! There are lots of companies out there that sell vinyl for easy application. Here are a few that I know of Urban Walls, Walls Need Love, and Wallums. Also if you notice in this picture, they painted the ceiling for the pop of color! I love when people think outside the box! Be sure to head over to A Thoughtful Place to see the entire room!

My daughter will need a lamp for lighting at night and plus I feel like lamps complete a room. Since here walls will be white and most likely her bedding, I want pops of color throughout the room. These lamps are simple and a touch of color. You could even make your own by adding a strip of ribbon to the shade. (That's what I plan on doing.) These are found at Pottery Barn

Here is another adorable room. I love the chalk board above the bed. My daughter would use that daily! The pom pom tissue paper hanging from the ceiling is another favorite of mine. I plan to put some in a corner of my daughter's room. If you want some white room inspiration, head over to Paint Me White, she has her whole house done and it looks fabulous!

We have white wooden blinds in her room, but I want a pretty curtain. I feel like it would add so much to the room. Small Bird Studios gives a simple tutorial on how to create your own Anthropologie curtains. I know I can't afford their curtains, so I plan on making my own. 

I love the idea of a chandelier in the room, but I would probably never find one that I loved. I found this super awesome tutorial on how to make a fabric one! I am in love with it and can't wait to get started. It looks super simple to create and with lace and white fabric will complete her room. Head over to Inspired by Lovely to get the full tutorial. 

This room has it all. I love floral and this print is on point. She got it from Anthropologie, but instead of wall papering the entire room, she only did focal points for each wall. Then she framed them in. Awesome! I love the lamps and the pops of color throughout the room. This room is perfect. Head over to Welcome to the Mouse House for the entire room and what tips she used to decorate this adorable room!

I really want some kind of art in her room. I found this one, and it's perfect. I always want my daughter to know we love her. She's the only girl, so she has to be tough for putting up with boys all the time. I want some wall art in her room that reminds her we love her and she in important. I hope you were able to find inspiration here today! I can't wait to get started, and once her room is finished, you better believe I will be doing a post on it!!



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