Thursday, October 9, 2014

Highlights from Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort

Posted by Devin

Last week Tara and I had the opportunity to attend this year's Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort. We had such a great time mingling with the designers and checking out their latest pieces on the runway. Here are some of the highlights from Thursday night's show! First up were four of the emerging designers.

The show began with Charmosa Swimwear. The colors of the swimsuits on this line are beautiful and the styles are very versatile, but my favorite pieces were the swimwear cover-ups and the feather accessories provided by Olga M Designs. The cover-up pictured below is gorgeous! I would love to sport if over my suit at the pool or beach. And the feather accessories provided by Olga were so fun and surprising and in my opinion, they stole the spotlight during this particular show.

The second designer was our new friend, Misha Mendicino, who also happened to win Emerging Designer of the Year 2014 at Phoenix Fashion Week! Congratulations, Misha! Besides the dresses that Tara and I were wearing to the show (you can see our dresses from Misha here and here), these two pieces below were our favorites from her collection on Thursday night. We love Misha's "resort couture" style. If you are looking for some great vacation outfits that you can wear to both the pool and dinner afterwards, Misha is your girl.

Next up was State Forty Eight. We love these designers. As Arizona natives, both Tara and I drool over these darling printed tees and other pieces that are centered around an Arizona theme. We love the relaxed style and colors they chose and really want a few of their items in our own closets. Not only do we love the womenswear, but we love the menswear too. Our hubbys need these tees in their closets as well! Gotta get our hands on some State Forty Eight apparel.

Woman's Touch Apparel was next. Although I am not a huge fan of this line, I adored these two skirts. They are both long and flowing with flirty and feminine fabrics; so so pretty. I would love to own these skirts. I think Tara needs the one on the left and I need the one on the right, don't you? ;)

After the emerging designers, it was time for the established designers, beginning with Diego Milano. Diego Milano has a rock and roll, luxury denim line. The cut and style of the denim pants was interesting and unlike anything I have seen before. But my favorite thing about these pants were the color choices. I particularly adored these two pairs below in the subtle green and pink tones. I have a new pair of boots that I would just love to wear with these pants. As for the men's jeans, I don't feel like they would translate well to actual street-wear. There are not too many men I know who would love the various patches and complicated designs, it was a bit too frou-frou for men. I would have also appreciated a more modest approach to the tops. For me, the women's pants were the highlight.

Carol Wong was next. In her intro video Carol described herself as medieval armor meets the future. And that is exactly what her line looked like! Although Carol's pieces were very interesting and innovative, the translation of her described design style to her actual pieces was a bit too literal for me. A little too much armor and a little too much future at times, for this girl. But I think the basic structure of the pieces were elegant and could be turned into something beautiful that is a bit more consumer friendly with some slight fabric and cut changes if picked up by buyers. Below are a few pieces that I really enjoyed from this line.

Following Carol, we had designer Tylor Leigh from Kingman, AZ. Tylor's line had a yellow, black, and white pallet and a sporty feel. I loved that all of Tylor's clothing looked very comfortable to wear straight off the runway and there were a number of pieces that I would have been happy to do just that! Here are a few of my favorite looks from the show. For this designer I was again a bigger fan of the women's line than the men's.

Last but not least, my very favorite dress of the night was in the show finale. I love the color choice of this dress. The two slightly different shades of red make a pretty combination. The beautiful, flowing blouse with it's delicate, draping fabric pairs well with the fit and flare, floor length skirt. And I love the slight train trailing behind. This dress was simply lovely.

The other pieces from this designer, Albert Andrada (the featured designer of the night), were beautiful as well. Gown after gown in red, white, and black made for an exciting finale for the show. Here are two of his gowns in white, my favorite. Both are very elegant and interesting in their details.

I am so glad that Tara and I were able to attend Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort this year. We hope to be able to attend again next year to share with you all a few more insights into these up and coming fashions!

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