Tuesday, October 14, 2014

BUHS District 2014 Bond Post II

Elections are almost here! Are you informed about the issues in your community? Voting is an important and crucial part to being a responsible and involved citizen and every vote counts. When we were approached to share information about this Bond to our local readers, we agreed in hopes that it would help residents in our area make informed decisions on election day. No matter how you are voting this year, make your voice heard!

** This post is part of a campaign sponsored by The Citizens of Quality Education to spread awareness and provide information about the Buckeye Union High School District Bond to local residents. All opinions in this post are not our own. **

The district heard the community's concerns about last year's bond election and has made the following adjustments for this November's ballot measure:
  • More focus on technology with a sustainable plan.
  • Eliminate school #4 until the student growth becomes more substantial.
  • The passage of the bond can't and won't result in an increased bond tax rate.

BUHSD recognizes that an effective technology plan must include replacement of devices and revitalization of the network. Each student will keep their compluter/tablet for their entire high school career. The technology budget of the bond includes not only the initial purchase, but the maintenance, support, and replacement of nearly 4,000 devices multiple times over the next decade. A huge investment in the future, both for the community and our students.

If you have a second grader or older attending a feeder school of one of Buckeye Union High School District's local high schools (Youngker High School, Buckeye Union High School, or Estrella Foothills High School), your student would be part of the 10-year laptop distribution plan supported by the funding from the upcoming bond election. With a "Yes" vote on November 4th and the new 10-year bond funding allowable under the State statute, this year's high school juniors all the way through this year's second graders would receive a laptop for academic use during their high school careers.

Student Transportation Vehicles 
  • Did you know BUHSD transportation drives nearly 750,000 miles per year?
  • An 84-passenger school bus with air costs $150,000 per bus.
  • It is critical that the fleets be rotated properly for the safety of the students. With your YES VOTE, BUHSD will be able to purchase 2 new busses a year over the next 10 years.

Building and Maintenance Repairs
One of the bond categories involved in the upcoming election is building, repair, and maintenance. Remember, the State repealed it's own Building Renewal Fund law that assisted district with a dedicated funding source to address building, maintenance, and repair costs. Since 2006, the State withheld $800,000 in funding for these types of repairs from BUHSD. Pictured are a few examples of some of the projects that would be completed if the bond passes this November.

No Bond Property Tax Increase
Since the main underlying concern of the bond election continues to focus on the bond property tax rate, it will be very important that the voters understand how the bond works. There are multiple strategies the district can utilize to make sure the bond tax rate remains at or below $0.85.
1. The repayment of the bond debt can be spread over multiple years to make sure not too much is required to be repaid in one year.
2. The bonds will be sold over multiple offerings to investors, not all at once.
3. Investors can be offered different types of bonds that assist the district with managing the debt repayment while still making the bonds "attractive" to investors.
4. The growth already returning to the area in both commercial and residential development will supply additional tax payers to share in the cost of the repaying of the bond debt.


Click on the image above for a better explanation of the bond tax rate.


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