Monday, October 6, 2014

Basketball Snack Tags

Posted by Devin

Well the boys will be starting their basketball season soon which means that it is time to share some tags for basketball team snacks! If you follow our blog, you've seen that I have made these for each sport my boys participate in as we have gone through the seasons. If you have kiddos playing basketball right now too, you can print off these cute little tags to add a little personality to their game snacks!

To get the printables, simply click here or on the image below, cut out, and staple or tie onto paper sacks or treat bags!

If you would like to see my other snack tags, you can click on the following sports to check them out: Soccer, Baseball, Football. And aren't these little basketball oranges cute?!! Ah the magic of a sharpie. Have a great season, everyone!

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