Wednesday, September 10, 2014

BUHS District 2014 Bond

Elections are almost here! Are you informed about the issues in your community? Voting is an important and crucial part to being a responsible and involved citizen and every vote counts. When we were approached to share information about this Bond to our local readers, we agreed in hopes that it would help residents in our area make informed decisions on election day. No matter how you are voting this year, make your voice heard!

** This post is part of a campaign sponsored by The Citizens of Quality Education to spread awareness and provide information about the Buckeye Union High School District Bond to local residents. All opinions in this post are not our own. **

What will the Bond do for students?
  • Technology - An electronic device for all students
  • Classroom expansions at all four schools
  • Campus security upgrades
  • Building maintenance and repairs
  • Student transportation vehicles
  • Roof replacement
  • Field renovations

There is a lot of confusion about what the differences are between a bond election and an override election. The bond election typically focuses on capital needs of a school district, mainly building and maintaining facilities. The bond elections have been expanded by state law to cover capital expenditures for up to 10 years. The override generally provides money for staff and programs. By statute, the full override lasts for only 5 years and then begins to decrease until either it ultimately expires or the community votes to reinstate it to full funding. 

"To be ready for a global market, our students need real time access to information and the ability to navigate multiple research and informational resources. We need to make sure our students are ready for the challenges of the global marketplace, and technology preparedness will be a huge component of their success."
-Brian Turner, Community Member

The district heard the community's concerns about last year's bond election and has made the following adjustments for this November's ballot measure:
  • More focus on technology with sustainable plan
  • Eliminate school #4 until the student growth becomes more substantial
  • The passage of the bond can't and won't result in an increased bond tax rate  


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