Tuesday, August 5, 2014

School Supply Drawer Organization

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Posted by Devin

Well I can hardly believe it, but summer is just about over and school is right around the corner. And for me, that means it's time to get organized! In my kitchen I have two large drawers that I like to keep stocked with school supplies. That way when the kids need to work on homework or projects, we have everything we need and are ready to go. But somehow over the last year, my school supply drawers have gotten out of hand! They became the "throw everything into them and never look back" drawers. So first things first, I needed to clean out the drawers and start over. Check it out! My drawers were packed to the gills and I could barely open them. Scary, right?

Phew! What a relief to get those drawers cleaned out. And with that out of the way, it was time for the fun part! I decided if I was going to take the time to get my drawers organized, I might as well make them pretty as well. Anything worth doing is worth doing right! I settled on a white and gold theme for my drawers and the most important thing I was going to need for this project were: gold Sharpies. So I headed to town to get my supplies, hitting up Staples for all of my Sharpie needs. 

I came home with some white drawer organizers, white vinyl drawer liners, plain white labels, a basket, my gold Sharpies from Staples, and a plan! And FYI: starting on August 10th, all Sharpie Fine and Ultra Fine markers and highlighters will be on sale at Staples while supplies last. So if you are going to clean out your own drawers and give them a full makeover, Staples will have you covered!

Now to get started. My first step was to cut my drawer liners to size and 'beautify' them with my gold Sharpies. I decided to decorate one drawer with stripes and the other with polka dots. I love stripes and polka dots together and I love mixing patterns with the same colors. To make my stripes, I simply used a yard stick and traced lines at a diagnol on either side of the stick so they would be spaced evenly apart and exactly parallel to each other. Once I had drawn lines across the whole of the liner, I went back and made every other line thicker to give it some variation.

To draw the polka dots with my Sharpies, I used my yard stick to space the dots in the first two rows evenly apart, but then I simply eye-balled the rest. It was pretty simple and went really fast.

Now that my liners were decorated and placed in my drawers, I needed to label my drawer organizers. I used a regular gold sharpie to write on my labels and stick them in the appropriate dividers. Easy-peasy!

I love how these drawers turned out. Super functional and thanks to my gold Sharpies, full of style as well! No more over-stuffed, messy drawers! Aren't they pretty? We are ready to start the school year!

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At August 8, 2014 at 8:28 AM , Anonymous Linda said...

Thanks. Everybody needs a little help in ths area. Take a look at my most recent post and you will know why I especially was glad to see yours! Havea good day!! Linda


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