Friday, August 1, 2014

DIY Gallery Wall

Posted by Tara

About six months ago I took down my gallery wall because it was old and out dated. I hadn't done anything with that space since... it just sat there empty because every thing else was more important than re-finishing it. As I was searching for prints online I came across the new wall art collection at Tiny Prints, and I knew immediately what product I wanted to use!
I quickly checked out their website and fell in love with their many options. My favorite was the metal prints. I loved how thin they appeared against the wall and the frame-less look! As soon as I picked out the prints I wanted, I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me.
This is what my wall looked like before. I didn't want dark colors anymore and wanted something neutral in color and fresh looking!

First you want your wall clean and freshly painted, or at least wiped down. I have flat paint, so I always throw a quick coat of paint on the wall.

Next you want to pick all the elements you would like to include in your gallery. I knew I wanted some gallery art on my wall, and found this amazing pack at Michael's! It comes with so many cute prints and has tons of information on how to create your own gallery wall. 

Another element I wanted to have was some framed feathers. Devin had done some in her Command Center post, and I loved it. So I gave it a try. I got some feathers from Devin's famous chickens and hot glued the tips of them to some card stock. I then wrote with a sharpie "live bravely" underneath. Our inspiration is from our awesome friend Angie! Her prints are incredible at Yellow Bungalow Shop.

After I decided on the elements I wanted to include I needed to decide on what pictures. For my Tiny Prints order I decided one of me and my husband and one of the entire family. I knew the metal prints would add a modern look to my gallery wall and I was excited about that. I also loved how close they would hang against the wall. I ordered a matte finish on one and a gloss on another. 

 I then went to Michael's and found some frames that I liked. I wanted a clean look and went with white and a wood color. 

I then chose an accent color or colors. I knew I didn't want to do bold again and decided on pulling colors out of our family photos. I went with golds and a mint color. My "C" was black so I painted that and also dry brushed my oval frame with gold. I also painted the mat in a frame (its on the final wall). 

I loved what the painted mat did for this piece of the gallery wall. (Thanks Kathy!)

 As I gathered all my pieces I laid them on my floor and would rearrange them... over and over.... and over again! I was beginning to feel frustrated, I needed some fresh eyes... I brought it the big guns and asked Cindy and Kathy for their advice. 

Even if you have really cute elements, you CAN'T just throw it all on a wall and think that it will look good. Placement is everything when putting together your wall. 

Make sure when you start you have more than 4 pieces if you are going for an eclectic wall. When you have too few of items and then space them out WAY too far apart, it doesn't look very good. The above picture isn't terrible, but definitely needed some improvements. It needed texture.

I started to DIG through my house for any decor items that weren't being used. Like this antique key I got a couple of years ago from a Junk in the Trunk yard sale. You can have just framed pictures if you want, but for texture add different things... like a clock, letter, key, vintage book, or arrow. And drum roll please........ here is the final product!

I was amazed how much work went into this wall. It definitely was not a quick fix, but I am okay with that because I am in love with how it turned out. My Tiny Prints pieces added a perfect touch to my wall!
 11 x 14 frames, clock, Word Art Packet: Michael's 
Mint Frame, Oval Frame, C: Hobby Lobby
Metal Prints: Tiny Prints

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At August 4, 2014 at 11:17 AM , Blogger Kate said...

Stopping by from the linkup! Love your gallery wall! Such a neat idea!!


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