Monday, August 11, 2014

Anthropologie Office Inspiration

Posted by Tara

Most of you don't know, but at the beginning of this year my husband left his job to become self-employed. Since February he has been running a company from our guest room. (Insert embarrassed face here.) Yes... you read right. My guest room. I would love nothing more than to transform this room into a sleek-looking office for the two of us to use and work from. But the reality is, when starting a business, finances are extremely tight. It may not be tomorrow, but someday I will transform our office into something amazing!

In the meantime, I like to look for inspiration on how I want to decorate and organize it. I am loving the House & Home section at Anthropologie. Here are 9 items that are on my wish list and that I think would make an office unique.

In our office the mail gets placed on the desk, but how awesome would it be to place it in a metal letter holder?! I love it's sleek design and the rustic feel. It would bring an added touch of organization to the office for all those bills and letters coming in for the company.

Every office needs a trash bin. I love this Acreage Storage Collection. It would create a vintage feel in any office.... and as soon as I see something vintage, I'm SOLD.

Now this probably isn't as much of a necessity, but COME ON, how cool is that?! This Cork Board Map just speaks "office" to me. It would even look awesome in a teenager's room. I would love pinning notes to this!

                                                                   Covent Alarm Clock

I don't know about you, but if I don't have my phone near by, I never know what time it is. Pretty sad, I know. Our office is currently without a clock, but I know it could benefit from one. These cute Covent Alarm Clocks would sit very pretty on our desk!

My husband is constantly getting mad at me because he can't find a pen in our office (I walk away with them.. lol! Bad habit.) so I am sure he would love this codify pencil holder. I would stock this bad boy up so he would never run out! HA! I love the gold and modern design. It would add a touch of class to my office. 

Staplers are a must when running a business. We are always stapling papers together and it would be a much more pleasant experience if this yellow stapler was in my hands. I am not a huge fan of pounding my hand into the old stapler and this Clade Stapler looks much easier to use. 

Yes, I know I am supposed to be smart enough to do math in my head. News Flash: I'm not. I rely constantly on a calculator (ask Devin) and when running a business with lots of products being sold, the math can be overwhelming. Having this slip-on calculator would make punching numbers a lot easier. It also slips on to any notebook, pocket, or tote. AND you can't go wrong with adding a touch of mint to a room!

Our office gets really warm in the afternoons and we usually have to turn on a floor fan to cool things down. That fan blows our papers on the desk all over the place. It. Drives. Me. Crazy!!! This angled heirloom paperweight would really come in handy! It comes in two different shapes that I love. I would bring great dimension to the office. 

A calendar is a huge necessity is an office. I probably wouldn't be writing on this gorgeous calendar, but I would sure look at it a lot if it was sitting next to my computer screen! I love a simple calendar. This neutral Imagined Desk 2015 Calendar would be a perfect fit for my office.

I hoped you liked my list of items that inspire me for my new office. If you like any of these items, I have put a direct link below the images if you would like to purchase any of these for your home! Also, there is one day FREE shipping today! Click here if you would like to participate in this deal!! Thanks for stopping by!

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At August 12, 2014 at 10:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Target has the same welded letter holder for a fraction of the price.


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