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10 Interior Decorating No No's

Posted by Devin

Last week Tara shared some serious Fashion No No's with you. This week, I am going to talk about some Interior Decorating No No's. These are pretty basic tips, but I think a lot of people aren't aware of these simple rules! And they can make a big difference in the overall appeal and style of your home if you follow them.

1. Floating Area Rugs - This is probably my biggest decorating pet peeve, it sends shivers down my spine. I do not like a floating area rug. And no, I am not talking about an Aladdin-like magic carpet (I really like that guy!). I am talking about an area rug that is out in the middle of a room with nothing touching it and a bunch of furniture a good distance away from it. When using an area rug in a room, make sure to place your furniture on the edges or on top of the rug. Furniture should be anchored on the rug to prevent this awful floating faux pas.

2. Spaced Out Furniture - This decorating crime goes hand-in-hand with floating area rugs, but it can be committed with or without a rug being involved. When placing your furniture in a room, try not to push everything out to the walls, especially if the room is relatively large. You end up with a big empty space in the middle of the room with an awkward arrangement of furniture circumventing the space. It's pretty hard to talk to someone when chairs and sofas are placed a football field apart. Bring things closer and create a warmer and more inviting area to enjoy. The above pic illustrates No No's # 1 AND 2. I don't know about you, but I would much rather hang out in the room on the top.

3. Tiny Picture on a Large Wall - Have a beautiful framed picture or piece of artwork you want to display? When deciding where to hang it, make sure you take the scale of the picture into consideration. A small frame on a large wall ends up looking lonely and out of place. Try to find a small wall or space to display it or consider combining it with a few (or a lot) of other pieces to create a gallery wall that will have the appropriate scale for the wall size.

4. Hanging a Picture Too High - Ever gone to look at a photo on a wall and you have to crane your neck to see it? That's not natural. Make sure to hang all photos and artwork at eye level. It looks much nicer and prevents any neck strains. This rule can occasionally be broken in certain circumstances (depending on the layout of the room), but for the most part, it is a good rule of thumb to stick to pictures at eye level. (Darling DO picture from Little Green Notebook)

5. Too Many Trinkets - I am naturally a minimalist but I understand that we all have our special little trinkets and curios we love and want to see often. But let's not let things get out of hand. The line needs to be drawn somewhere. Stick to a few favorite items tastefully displayed and do not let the trinkets take over your home. Who has the time to dust all of that stuff, anyways? And remember that "tastefully displayed" is also key here. If you need to, check out home furniture and decor magazines to get a feel for attractive ways to display your items. FYI: feel free to break this rule with only one thing. Books. I love a bunch of books in a room. Maybe that's just me being the book lover that I am, but I think books always work!

6. Going Overboard with Faux Plants - OK, I have to admit that this is a major decorating no no that even I have been known to break in the past. And sometimes a few little fake flowers in a jar or vase here or there seems ok. But again, there is a thin line between what's going to work and what's not. If you're in doubt, the safest thing to do is just skip the faux foliage. Especially if it's in large quantities. Not a good look. Be careful, keep it to a minimum, and look for great alternatives like displaying your fresh fruits and vegetables in your kitchen or using some flowers or clippings from your yard in vases throughout your home.

7. Overly Formal Rooms - Ever known someone who has a room in their home that you just do not go into? Ugh! I don't like rooms that aren't meant to be lived in. I LOVE beautiful rooms, but overdone and stuffy are not welcoming whether you're allowed to go into them or not. You can keep things comfortable and still have elegance and beauty at the same time. Try to maintain some balance and don't go overboard on the formal feel.

8. Mis-Placed Themes - Creating themes in your home is tricky business. I live in the desert and it feels weird when I go into someone's home and it has a totally tropical or beachy motif with a saguaro cactus right out the window. With that being said, I do not have a desert theme in my home and I do not want one either. But if you are going to trend towards the themed decor, consider the area you live in and decide whether or not the theme is going to work or if it's going to be a bit strange. Can you imagine staying in a forest cabin with a Paris theme? See what I mean...

9. Sticking to Only One Color - I know we hear all the time that you shouldn't have too many busy colors or patterns being used when you are decorating, but sticking to just one color in the same shade is just as bad, if not worse. Make sure to mix it up with a few colors and some varying shades. Don't go nuts painting everything in one color and then matching the furniture and pillows and carpeting and curtains in that same color. Talk about drab. Put some variety in there and use your neutrals wisely as well. If you simply MUST stick to one color, check out Tuesdays With Dorie (you can see her work in the DO picture below). She knows how to do it right!

10. Outdated Window Coverings - Nothing will date your home faster than window coverings from a decade or two (or three) ago. Take a peek at what ya got covering your windows and if you realize you installed said window coverings more than ten years ago, decide if they need a little updating. This can really bring the overall look of your home to a new level. (DO picture from Adventures in Decorating).

All right people, that's it! I hope I haven't offended anyone's sense of style along the way! In the end, whatever makes you happy and comfortable in your own home is what matters the most, right? Just don't let me catch that rug floating. Ok? Ok. :)

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At July 18, 2014 at 11:22 PM , Blogger shelley said...

Great tips! Curious... what is your take of a formal dinng room set up with dishes /place settings on a day basis ?

At July 19, 2014 at 3:28 PM , Blogger Bobbi @ 3GLOL said...

I figured I would come and see all of the no-no's I'm doing..but it wasn't so bad. I won't tell you which one I'm breaking the rule, cuz I'm not gonna be breaking it for long..LOL.

Thanks for the lesson!!!

Have a great day!

At July 20, 2014 at 8:34 AM , Blogger Ms. Morgan said...

OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!! I can't agree more!! My friends/family make fun of me when I see these No-Nos and start twitching. lol.

I'm glad I jumped over from the DIY Sunday Showcase this morning. Can't wait to start following you. :) Hope you can hop over to visit me.


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