Friday, February 7, 2014

My Fashion Trends for 2014

Posted by Tara

A new year means a new start at fashion. I love fashion and all the different styles it has to offer. I am going to cover a list of things that I think will be a hit this year! Some of these trends were also popular last year, so read along and see what you will be adding to your closet!


Pastels are going to be huge this year. From skinnies, to blouses, to shoes; you can't go wrong with buying anything in this color scheme.


I feel like the nude tones went crazy in 2013. Well, it will continue in 2014. Blazers, pants, pumps will all look very fashionable in nude this year. I am a big fan of the color nude because it's so versatile and goes with everything!

Tea Length Skirts

I just started being a fan of these skirts. I am a shortie (5'3") and sometimes I feel like certain pieces of clothing are meant for taller girls. But I just got my first tea length skirt from my great-grandmother's closet and I love it! It's vintage and adorable and I can't wait to do my next fashion post in it! Be sure to be on the look for that on the blog soon. I feel like these skirts will replace the maxi skirt in upcoming years.


You can never go wrong with a button-down. Any kind will do. It can be a skirt, top, dress; you name it and it will work! My favorites will be plaid and chambray's.

Nail Color

Not everyone enjoys having color on their nails, but I like to throw some on occasionally. This year pastel colors will be a hit on your fingers as well as in your wardrobe. My go-to brand is Essie and they currently have a new color coming out that is a little more bold. It's a mix between navy and purple. Can't wait to give it a try!


No matter what year it is, denim is always acceptable. It is such a staple in everyone's wardrobe, there is no way they could ever ban it! Be on the look out for more denim skinny jeans and more chambray in 2014.

Bracelet Stacks

This is one trend that I was happy to see emerge last year! There is nothing cuter than a large stack on a wrist. The big watches with the bracelets will still be big this year as well. One of my favorite gals who creates and sells stacked bracelets is Ashley with Threads by the Shine Project. The bracelets are made by first generation college students who use the profits to pay for school expenses. Not only does it make your wrist look fancy, but it will make your heart feel good! If you want to take a look click HERE.


These shoes will be appearing more and more this year. You will start to see them in other colors besides the traditional tan. Mint and cream and lace oxfords will be finishing off lots of outfits in 2014. I find them extremely adorable with a pair of skinnies.


I love finding a girl in town with a lovely braid. One, it shows me she took some time in braiding it, and two, it takes talent to create some of those new braids. My hair is like straw, so it doesn't look amazing in a dry braid, but some ladies can just pull it off and make it look fabulous! This year you will see more detailed braids and still the same loose stylish braids. If you don't know how to braid and you have long hair, there are so many tutorials online, that I guarantee you can teach yourself. It's worth a shot! Look for Devin to be sporting this braid in a fashion post coming soon!

Eye Shadows

For the past year, all I used for eye shadow was the Naked 2 palette. Can I just say how amazing it is, and how I love every.single.color in the whole pack?!! This past fall, Urban Decay released their Naked 3 palette. This will give you an even more natural look, which will be a huge hit this year. The colors in it are divine. If you want to take a look at it click HERE

Now remember these are my picks for Fashion and Beauty in 2014. Not everyone will like what I picked, but I hope some of you found some common ground with me in fashion! I look forward to wearing all the trends listed above this year!

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At February 7, 2014 at 10:03 PM , Blogger Charnele Michel said...

Spring is going to be ALL about pastels and I can't wait!


At February 9, 2014 at 4:52 PM , Blogger Jen K said...

Pastels and nudes are definitely on top of my list! Btw, that eye makeup looks gorgeous. I'd love to learn how to do that. Do you have a tutorial somewhere?

At February 10, 2014 at 12:00 PM , Blogger Tori Mistick said...

Thanks for joining the Friday's Fab Favorites link up, I was a co-host last week and I'm trying to read every post! I love all these trends, great post!


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