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Inexpensive Valentine Decor

Posted by Devin

I love Valentine's Day. Ok ok, I say this every time a new holiday rolls around, but it's true! And Valentine's is such a fun holiday. Candy and flowers and love notes and hearts and red and pink... seriously, what's not to like?!!

I don't decorate our home for every holiday, but I do love decorating it for Valentine's Day. I'm not one to go over the top crazy, I simply put a few little Valentine touches around the house. And I like to do it without spending too much money and with things that remind our family of the love we share and have for others. So today I am going to show you all just a few, inexpenive ideas for decorating your own home for Valentine's Day!

First up are my favorite decorations: framed Valentine's from years past. Jake always gives me the prettiest Valentine cards and I think it is such a shame to tuck them away in a box or (heaven forbid) throw them away! So instead I decided to buy some cheap but pretty white frames from the dollar store and display my favorite cards in them every year. 

When I look at them I am reminded of the love Jake and I share, and I like that our boys are reminded of it as well. I think it's so important for children to know that their parents love and care for each other, even if it is ooey and gooey and makes them want to gag (yes, eye-covering and gagging do occur in this house). If you have your old Valentine cards tucked away somewhere, I highly recommend pulling them out and displaying them in frames. So pretty and so personal!  

Next, banners and bunting. I adore banners and bunting. You can make them out of paper, you can make them out of fabric, they are super easy to put together in a pinch, they look fabulous for any holiday or occasion, and they are very inexpensive to make. During Christmas time, I made myself a very neutral banner with scraps from my table runner I had made a year or so ago (Which is funny because I made the table runner out of scraps from curtain and headboard materials, LOL!!! Nothing gets wasted around here!). Anyways, when Christmas was over I realized my cute, neutral banner could be left up for as long as I wanted! So to make it more festive for Valentine's Day, I simply cut out and taped small red paper hearts to it. Didn't it turn out cute?!! You can make your own banner out of anything you have around the house, get creative!
Also, I can't go without mentioning the cotton ball garland. Tara had seen one somewhere and mentioned it to me and I decided I needed to make one for myself. Again, this was originally put up for Christmas, but I think it still looks cute for Valentine's Day. To make mine I simply used a needle and thread to string the cotton balls together. It basically cost me nothing and I love that little garland! Instead of reminding me of Christmas-time snow, it now sort-of reminds me of puffy clouds that a little cupid might be sitting on. ;)

Another simple decoration in our home is our "heart chain." Every week our family has something called Family Home Evening. This is a night we set aside to study the gospel together and participate in fun activities that increase family unity and strengthen us spiritually. To learn more about this you can visit the following link. Last year for Valentine's Day, we had a Family Home Evening where we all created a paper chain together and on each link we wrote down something we loved about the members of our extended family.

It was so fun thinking about each individual person and the many things we love about them. To make the chain, I took red, white, and pink card stock and cut them into strips. Our family then wrote on the strips and instead of stapling them together in circles, we stapled them to look like hearts. To do this, you simply fold the strips in half and staple them at the fold, and then you staple them together at the top to form the heart shape.

The chain looks so cute across our dining room table and the boys love to read through it and see the things we wrote last year. I have a feeling we'll be adding to the chain again this year. :)

Last, but not certainly not least, is a family Valentine tradition that we have had for many years now: heart attacking our home. When Jake and I had only been married a year or so, I decided to tape paper hearts all over the house to surprise him when he got home from work for Valentine's Day. My aunt Pam had done this to her house every year when I was a kid and I always loved it. I have kept the tradition alive and continue to decorate the house with paper hearts all over the walls. The boys LOVE putting up the hearts throughout the house.

As much as I love the paper hearts, it WAS a little difficult to keep them in good condition after being taped up year after year, and making a ton of new hearts every V-Day doesn't always fit onto my to-do list either. So last year I finally wised-up and decided to laminate my hearts. Best decision ever. I'm sure they still won't last forever, but they will last a lot longer than they did before! The tape pulls right off when I am ready to take them down and they don't crinkle and bend. Also, I used cute scrapbook paper to make my hearts. Simple, easy, and pretty.

FYI: I do not own a laminating machine, I simply use self-adhesive laminating sheets that you can find at all office supply stores. They are easy to use and handy to have around the house for lots of purposes.

I hope you found some inspiration here to make your holiday a little cheerier in your home! Happy Valentine's Day!

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At January 19, 2014 at 6:31 AM , Blogger Southern Scraps said...

Love the idea of framing the cards!

At January 13, 2016 at 8:27 AM , Blogger Reshad Ahmadi said...

The Viral Site loved card decorations for valentines


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