Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 10 Posts of 2013

Posted by Tara

Today we are gathering up our top visited posts from this year! Is your favorite one of them? Let's check it out and see! 

Starting in at 10 is our Printable Thanksgiving Chain. When Thanksgiving came these were a huge hit! Super simple and something the whole family can do! Make sure to pin this one for next year!

Coming in at number 9 is School Lunch Organization. When school started all of us moms were hit with the load of stress that comes with getting the kids back in school. This posts helps keep us calm and organized when it comes to packing the kids' lunches. Be sure to check this one out if you haven't already and pin for next year!

Checking in at 8 on our list is Devin's Easy Cheater Block Quilt. I still dream about making one of these beauties. She gives a full tutorial on how to make these adorable quilts. These quilts look so cute on her boys' beds! 

Next in line is number 7 with the DIY Wall Files. These cereal boxes are the most useful thing I have added to my office wall. Devin's post is a super easy tutorial on how to make these organizers. If you haven't made some of these, be sure to pin and make this year!

Coming in at number 6 is my 5 Musts for the First Day of School. This post is a round up of all the things to not forget on the first day. From pictures, breakfast, notes for lunch boxes, and books to read, it has everything you need for the morning of! Be sure to check it out and pin for school next year!
Next in line at 5 is my 5 Favorite Fall Soups. I still come back to this post frequently to snatch these amazing recipes. I gathered my top soup recipes and shared their websites. If you are looking for a good soup to make your family this week with the cold weather, here are some to give a try!  Nothing like a bowl of delicious soup to warm your soul!

Coming in at number 4 is our Road Trip "I Spy" Game Printable. After taking a long road trip with my herd of kids, I decided I needed something for them to work on while we were driving. These turned their eyes to the road and kept them busy for most of the trip. Devin creates the cutest printables, right?! These now get printed before every road trip in our house!

We are getting closer.. coming in at 3 is Devin's recent Christmas Gift Tags Printables. These are still being pinned like crazy even though Christmas has passed. It's great to have these pinned for next year! She makes the cutest printables and these are one of them! Be sure to check these out! 

We are down to the last two! Coming in at 2 is Becoming a Runner. Last year me and Devin ran our first Half Marathon together. It was a great challenge that we did for most of the year. Devin wrote this post and showed our running schedule and explains how to become a runner if you aren't already. Have a New Year Resolution of getting back in shape? Here is your post to check out!

AND FINALLY here is number 1 on our list for most visited in 2013!!

Our Pallet Sign post was one of our first DIY projects we did together in 2013. This was a fun project we did with a big group of girls. We still could not have done it without our vinyl girl Beth! The stencils helped a ton in creating the signs we wanted! Thanks for checking out our Top 10 posts of 2013. Hopefully you found something that maybe you missed on our blog this year! Happy New Year readers!! 



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