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DIY Mini Snow Globes

Posted by Devin
A few weeks ago my sister-in-law, Olga, decided to make snow globes with her cub scouts that she teaches every week. What a coincidence, I ALSO teach cub scouts every week! Their snow globes turned out so cute and everyone looked like they had such a great time making them that I decided to have the same activity with my little guys. I did a quick Internet search to figure out the materials I needed and we were in business! If your kiddos are out of school for the next couple of weeks and you need a fun craft idea, I highly recommend this. We had lots of fun!
Olga made large snow globes with her scouts, but I decided to have my boys make mini snow globes. I already had a ton of baby food jars, small figurines seemed easier to find, and... well... I just love all things miniature! So here's my how-to on our DIY Mini Snow Globes!
What You Need:
baby food jars
distilled water
glitter (I bought white and gold)
hot glue gun or epoxy
glycerin (this sounded scary to me, but really it's not)
small figurines and/or trees
spray paint (optional)
raffia (optional)
Step 1: Prepare your baby food jars. Basically this just means you need to give them a good washing and make sure the label and all of the sticker residue have been removed from the jar. Sticker residue is a serious pet peeve of mine. I managed to get it all off by filling the jars with water and microwaving them until the water boiled. I let them sit for awhile with the hot water inside to loosen the glue and then scrubbed them using Goof Off and hot water until everything was removed. It took a little bit of elbow grease, I'm not gonna lie. Hopefully you have an ever better way to remove labels off of glass jars and less of an aversion to sticker residue. ;)
Step 2: Paint the jar lids. This is optional, but I think it really gives the snow globes a finished look. I happened to have red spray paint already so I simply gave them a few quick coats and they were ready to go!
Step 3. Glue your figurines and/or trees to the lids. I used my hot glue gun because I already had it which meant I didn't have to make an extra purchase. However, some of the figurines were a little difficult to get to stay put, so if I do this project again I will probably buy some epoxy. Also, get creative with the figurines as they can be difficult to find. We raided a few old ornaments and a Christmas village for some of our pieces, but I got most of our figurines from my son's plastic animal bucket. The forest animals made for very cute snow globes.
Step 4: Fill the jars with distilled water. You need to fill them up most of the way, just leaving enough room for a little glycerin and the figurines themselves to fit in. If it spills over a little later, no big deal.
Step 5: Add the glycerin and glitter to the jars. I found the glycerin in the Wilton section at my local Michael's craft supply store. Cheap and just the right amount. It's not actually a harmful or toxic substance, in fact, it's used to restore gel food dyes that have started to dry up. That's not so scary, right? The glycerin is added to basically thicken the water and cause the glitter to fall more slowly. We used two sizes of baby food jars: 2 oz. and 4 oz. For the 2 oz. jars I added just a little less than 1 teaspoon of glycerin and for the 4 oz. jars I added 1 1/2 teaspoons. As for the glitter, we just threw in what we liked, but I would guess it was usually about a teaspoon as well.
Step 6: Gently put the lids on the jars and tighten. If you would like you can run a bead of hot glue or epoxy around the edge of the lid to seal it. Then tie a piece of raffia around the base (also optional) and you are done!
The boys really enjoyed this craft and their miniature snow globes turned out oh so cute! They were excited to take them home and show them off to their parents (or in my boys' case, to their Dad).
We even let my two little guys join in the fun!
Cash refers to his as his "snowflake" and I just love his little goose he picked out. 
Here are a few close-ups of the finished products!
Happy Christmas crafting everyone!

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At November 12, 2015 at 7:15 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another way to get the glue off is with vegetable oil. It too takes a little elbow grease, but most everyone has it around. Just soak the jars in hot water and peel the labels off. Then after they are dry use a paper towel dipped in vegetable oil and rub the sticky residue until it comes off. Wash is hot soapy water after. also works great with getting the stickers off of book covers.


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