Friday, July 19, 2013

Kids Camping Goody Bags with Printable Tags

Posted by Devin
When each of our boys turn 8 years old, Jake's parents take them on a week long trip to celebrate at their cabin. It is just them and their grandparents and one friend they get to invite to go with. It is a tradition my in-laws have done with all of their grandkids and this year it is Caden's turn!
Needless to say, Caden is super excited. He and Jace (Tara's son and Caden's best friend) have had long discussions planning all of the things they are going to do: sleeping outside in a tent, catching bugs, swimming in the creek, building forts, and ten thousand other fabulous boy things.
This year I decided it would be fun to put together some little packages of items I thought Caden and Jace would enjoy on their trip! In fact, I thought any kiddos headed to the mountains for a week or two would probably love these!
Here is what I included in the bags: 
-water guns                             -candy
-water balloons                       -notepads
-popper guns                           -water bottles
-army guys                              -bubbles
-glow sticks                             -head lamps
-glow glasses                          -hankerchiefs
(other ideas: bug nets & barns, magnifying glasses, sparklers, jump ropes, etc.)
These were all dollar store items or things I already had around the house. And of course, I HAD to make cute printable tags to put on the bags... (By the way, wouldn't these make great tags for camping-themed birthday party gifts or invites? Or boy scout camping invites? So many possibilities.)
If you are heading to the great outdoors this summer and looking for a treat to keep your kids happy and busy while you're away, this idea just may be for you! Print out the tags, hit up the dollar store, and enjoy the sound of happily playing children while you... swing in your hammock?

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