Monday, May 6, 2013

Fashion Tip of the Day: Hem It!

Posted by Devin

About a year and a half ago I bought a pair of jeans at Ross for $8. The fit was awesome, I loved the color, BUT they had a super flared cut. The price was so cheap and I loved everything else about them so much that I decided to buy them. I wore them twice and then they sat in my closet. The flare was Just. Too. Big. I was afraid I might trip over my own pants!

I had toyed with the idea of cutting them off and turning them into capris but I kept thinking, "What if they make terrible capris and I wish I had the pants back?!" So after a year of hemming and hawing over it I finally told myself, "They are $8 jeans, what is the big deal?!! Just do it already!!!" I grabbed a pair of scissors, cut those bad boys off, rolled them up twice and sewed them. They instantly went from my least favorite pair of jeans to my very favorite pair of capris (and I was really needing some new ones).

The moral of this Monday fashion tip: If you have a pair of jeans and the cut of the legs is out of fashion or just not doing it for you anymore, don't let them go to waste any longer! Pull them out of the bottom of your dresser and hem 'em! You'll be happy you did, it's almost as good as going shopping!

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