Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Where's The Cornbread???

Posted by Devin
This post is an update to my A Berry Sweet Teacher Gift post yesterday. After eating the goodies we gave them, the darling ladies down at Chase's preschool were asking me today, "How did you make your cornbread?!! You didn't put the directions on your blog!!!" Sorry! That is an oversight I will now correct. :)

I probably didn't include it because it's so simple. However, the more I thought about it the more I realized "Yeah, the Gables sort-of are cornbread connoisseurs. Even if it's just the directions off of a box of corn meal, we are pretty particular about WHICH box of corn meal." LOL!

So here it is: Albers Enriched & Degermed White Corn Meal.
Cooking cornbread out in the desert is a Gable family tradition. Putting extra sugar in it dates back to Jake's great-grandmother who added sugar to everything, even her vegetables.  So the recipe I use is the Sweet Corn Bread recipe on the side of the Albers box. Sweet cornbread is the only way to go.
To our favorite Preschool teachers down at the Child Enrichment Center, there you have it! We love you guys and thank you for making Chase's year in your classroom a wonderful experience!


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