Thursday, March 7, 2013

Life with Little Men

Posted by Devin
When I was pregnant with my first child I wished for a boy that looked just like my husband.  I used to say that I wished too hard because my wish came true.  4 times over.  Connor is 9, Caden is 7, Chase is 5, and Cash is 2.  Together with Jake they are the loves of my life. 

When I first realized I would never give birth to a daughter of my own, it was a bit hard to come to terms with.  No little dresses, no bows, no braids, no pink, no unicorns or glitter or damask print bedding... You get the point.  But there is never a day that ends with me saying "Well today was just wonderful.  It would have been perfect if I had a girl."  Of course not.  Nope, as I've learned, the gender of our children does not matter.  What matters is they are our kids and they are perfect and wonderful and all that we never knew we wanted just as they are.  And life with little boys, although hectic and let's face it, downright manic at times; is pretty awesome.

So here are 10 recent "little boy" things that I want to remember forever and share with you.

1.  Notes from Connor.  Connor has loved to write notes and make lists ever since he learned his ABC's.  And one of his favorite things to do is leave me sweet little notes in surprising ways and places.  The other day I packed a banana in his lunch box and admonished him before he left to not throw it away just because it may look a little brown by lunch time.  Here is the note I found that evening in his lunch box.

Another time Jake and I were heading to bed and found these funny little figures waiting next to each side of our bed.

 (Jake's phone guy says "your alot more handsome then me" and my scripture gal says "you look alot better than any girl in the world. even this one.")

On yet another occasion, Jake and I happened to be racing each other home and Connor, who was riding with his dad, kept lecturing Jake about speeding.  (Note: We were not speeding by much, but Connor does not agree with even going a few miles over the speed limit.)  Later that night Jake found this note on his pillow.

(In yellow on the bottom, it's hard to read and partly written on the other side, it says "hope I didn't hurt your feelings.")

Love that Connor and his notes. 

2.  Caden’s funny sayings.  Due to Cash's recent obsession with Yo Gabba Gabba, while Caden was saying our family prayers the other night he asked Heavenly Father to "Please help us be patient with Cash's baby shows." Good call, Caden, good call.

This week when we were running late one morning and I yelled out "Does anyone think they could put Cashy's shoes on for him?" Caden's reply: "Nope! No one is licensed for that!" 

And Caden's school paper: "I will tell you how to get out of hand cuffs. You get the key and put it in the hole. Then pull the switch. Then escape and rob all you want." He never fails to keep us laughing.

3.  A mason jar full of wild desert flowers picked just for me by my little men to brighten my day. Enough said.

4.  A special invitation to visit the boys' fort with them. It's pretty fun getting to be these boys' "best girl."

5.  Recently in the car. Me: "Connor you are just the best boy!" (He did something really sweet.) Chase: "But I'm just a teeny-weeny bit better, right Mom?" Hahaha!  If it’s a goal in parenting to make each child feel like the favorite, we are doing something right with Chase.

6.  What did Connor do that was so sweet?  Connor came home from school without his jacket, something that he has learned does not please his mama much. But where was the missing jacket on this occasion?  A boy on his bus became sick and made a mess on his shirt.  (It turns out he had appendicitis and needed his appendix removed.)  The bus driver asked if anyone would be willing to give the boy a sweatshirt or jacket so he would have something to wear and Connor was the only one who offered.  And this was no ordinary jacket; it was his special jacket with his school’s logo on it that he had been wanting for quite some time.  Nothing makes me happier than when my children exhibit Christ-like behavior, no matter how small the act.

7.  Every day when I go into Cash’s room to wake him up from his nap he exclaims “Mama! You found me!”  Every day.  It is so sweet.  This is actually a photo of him sleeping at our family cabin, but it's a favorite of mine.

8.  Jake works out once, if not twice, 6 days a week.  If he happens to be doing a video workout in the evening Chase will always do it with him.  Here is a picture of Chase AND Caden working out with their dad.  Too cute.

9.  Army men and plastic snakes & scorpions.  They are everywhere.  They may hurt my feet when I step on them and scare the crap out of me now, but I know that one day I will definitely miss their presence in my home.

 10.  Wet little kisses, big squeezy hugs, and “neck sugars.”  It makes me want to cry just thinking about them ever ending.



At June 3, 2013 at 2:46 PM , Blogger Jodi Heap said...

Dev! I'm loving your blog, I just found it! You gals are awesome! This post certainly warmed my heart, your boys are such angels....

At June 3, 2013 at 3:32 PM , Blogger Tara and Devin said...

Jodi!!! Yay! I'm so glad you came on to take a look and that you like it! Thank you for the sweet compliments. Hope you come back to take a look once in awhile! Miss you!

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