Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Finds Linky Party #30

LinkyMain2-04 Thanks everyone for all the great shares to last week! Take a look at all our favorite Friday Finds from the link up:
Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds

Gold Rick Rack Headband from Woodland Flowers

Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds
Jenny from Bloom Designs || Instagram || Pinterest || Facebook

Stand Tall Giant Flamingo from A Girl and Her Glue Gun

Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds
Brandy from Gluesticks || Instagram || Pinterest || Facebook

Chicken Burrito Bowls from Honey and Birch

Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds

DIY Industrial Light from Vintage Zest

Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds
Vanessa from Tried & True || Instagram || Pinterest || Facebook

Chocolate Buttercream Frosting from My Name is Snickerdoodle

 Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds
Crystal from Cooking with Crystal || Pinterest || Facebook

Gold Foil Placemat from Delineate Your Dwelling

Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds
Devin & Tara from Salt & Pepper Moms || Instagram || Pinterest || Facebook

DIY Polkadot Pillows from Little Brags

Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds
Aki from Minted Strawberry || Instagram || Pinterest || Facebook

Making a Sequin Necklace from The Little Koo Blog

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

DIY Painted #10 Can Planter

Posted by Devin

There are two things I am loving lately: succulents and painted planters. I wanted a new potted plant for my porch but quite frankly did not want to spend any money on it. My solution was turning one of my numerous #10 cans into a cute painted planter! Here's what you need for this super simple project.

#10 Can
Gold Spray Paint
White Acrylic Paint
Painter's Tape
Sponge Brush

Step 1: Punch a hole in the bottom of your can to allow the planter to drain when watered. I did this by simply putting a large screw driver in the middle of the bottom of the can and hammering it through.

Step 2: Spray paint your can. Make sure to paint the entire outside and the top three or four inches inside the can as well. I painted mine gold but you can use any color combo you want.

Step 3: Using your painter's tape, tape off the bottom section and paint it white (or any color of your choice) with your sponge brush. This will probably require 2-4 coats to get good coverage.

Once the paint is dry, remove the tape and you are ready to pot your plant! As I said, I was looking for a very inexpensive plant so I simply transplanted some aloe vera from a larger plant I already had. I think my new potted plant looks great on my porch!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blue Floral

Posted by Devin

When you think of floral you might not always think of blue, but when I spied this blouse at JC Penney the other day I fell in love with it. And it was on clearance for $10! Woot! Woot!

The colors in this top are super pretty and I love the baseball tee sleeves. Another detail you might not expect with a floral print.

My platform sandals are from Rack Room Shoes and they are a favorite of mine because they go with everything. Strappy and neutral, they're great for lots of occasions!

And now I have to talk about my hair for a second. Do you have an Instagram hair crush? I do. It's Amber Fillerup of Barefoot Blonde. Everything she does with her hair is pure perfection. Today's up-do is totally inspired by one of her recent looks and I love this braid/fishtail combination. It's like a twist on classic milkmaid braids and it's so darn pretty! I think it really has a romantic look to it, great for a date night with your guy.

Thanks for stopping by! Here's What I Wore:
Floral Top - JC Penney
Cut-Off Skinnies - H&M (I cut them off myself)
Sandals - Rack Room Shoes
Gold Bangles - Charming Charlie

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Summer Bucket List Printable Banner

Posted by Devin

Summer is almost here, eep! I am so excited! I always look forward to the lazy days, exciting adventures, and extra time with my boys. But I also know that cabin fever (summer time often means indoor time here in AZ) and boredom have a tendency to creep in after the first few weeks, so I like to make a pretty visual to remind us all of the fun summer has to offer! A few years ago I made printable Subway Art to use, but this year I wanted to mix it up and have something a little different. I decided on a printable banner!

I hung it in my dining room which is pretty much our busiest room as it's attached directly to the kitchen and right next to the door we always use to go in and out of the house. I'm hoping the inspiration for fun will sink in if we look at it a lot, lol! 

I think it turned out so super cute and I'm excited to share it with all of you! To download and print your own click here: page 1, page 2, and page 3. Once it's printed, just cut out and hang up!

Have a fun and happy summer, everyone!

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Finds Linky Party #29

Hey it's Friday! We loved seeing all the great recipes and crafts that were linked up last week! We picked some of our favorites. Here they are!

Easy Apron with Free Printable by Minted Strawberry
Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds
Brandy from Gluesticks || Instagram || Pinterest || Facebook

Two Toned Glitter Candle Holders by Delineate Your Dwelling

Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds
Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Tart by Shaken Together Life

Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds
Vanessa from Tried & True || Instagram || Pinterest || Facebook

Chamomile Lavender Oatmeal Milk Bath by Shaken Together Life

Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds
Camper to Glamper Makeover by Salt and Pepper Moms

Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds
Devin & Tara from Salt & Pepper Moms || Instagram || Pinterest || Facebook 

DIY Wood Wall Art by Woodland Flower

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